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Order Placed for First LiDAR Wind Buoys to be Used in China

Titan Technologies Corporation has ordered two Fraunhofer IWES LiDAR measuring buoys for the surveying of the Zhangpu and Changle offshore wind farms planned for off the coast of China's Fujian province. The buoys will be used to precisely measure the wind conditions in the designated locations so as to allow precise calculation of the wind farm’s electricity yield.



Fraunhofer IWES publishes first wind index for German Bight


Unraveling the reasons for yield loss in an offshore windfarm - a new index allows comparing actual production data with the wind index data. operators can identify and remedy the causes of performance losses and thus increase profitability.




Fraunhofer Buoy Measures “Firth of Forth” Wind Farm Area

Fraunhofer IWES has been measuring wind conditions in the “Firth of Forth” wind farm area off the east coast of Scotland with its LiDAR wind buoy. The project from Seagreen Wind Energy Ltd encompasses a 12 month measuring campaign during which the LiDAR buoy will measure wind speeds at different heights.