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Validation of wind energy systems

The institute offers turbine manufacturers, suppliers, wind farm operators and power authorities industry relevant research services and target-oriented collaboration concerning the complete spectrum of technical wind energy utilization issues.




Fraunhofer IWES publishes first wind index for German Bight

Unraveling the reasons for yield loss in an offshore windfarm - a new index allows comparing actual production data with the wind index data. operators can identify and remedy the causes of performance losses and thus increase profitability.  



LiDAR buoy measures “Firth of Forth” Wind Farm Area

Fraunhofer IWES has been measuring wind conditions in the “Firth of Forth” wind farm area off the east coast of Scotland with its LiDAR wind buoy. The project from Seagreen Wind Energy Ltd encompasses a 12-24 month measuring campaign.



Process Chain for Industrialized Rotor Blade Production Set in Motion

The integration of the process steps as the basis for a prototypical end-to-end process is now under way. By completion of the project BladeMaker at the end of this year, all of the optimized processes will be merged and adapted to the production sequence.

Latest Publications

Offshore Wind Bizz

May 8th 2017: Fraunhofer IWES Releases First Offshore Wind Index for German Bight
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Renewable Energy World

Jan 26th 2017: New Test Bench for Offshore Wind Turbines
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Global Offshore Wind

02/2017: LiDAR buoy measures “Firth of Forth” Wind Farm Area
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Our portfolio in brief: Focus on Validation


Industry interviews

Nacelle testing - trends and specifics
Martin Pilas, Manager DyNaLab & Steffen Sørensen, Technical Advisor Fraunhofer IWES
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Project of the month: EcoSwing

Design and test the world's first superconductive and truly cost-saving generator for operation in a multi-megawatt turbine.

Processes across different sites conform to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standards in the areas of product development up to the prototype stage, technology development and optimization, technology assessments and studies as well as trials in demonstration centres

Accredited due to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005: mechanical and thermal tests for determining the physical properties of glass fiber and composite materials; mechanical load measurements of wind turbines