Validation of wind energy systems

The institute offers turbine manufacturers, suppliers, wind farm operators and power authorities industry relevant research services and target-oriented collaboration concerning the complete spectrum of technical wind energy utilization issues.



Post-approval design changes made possible by smart technology

Using a multi-channel seismic system for the assessment of soil conditions made it possible to stick to the tight construction schedule of the 385 MW offshore wind energy plant “Arkona Becken Südost" despite changes to the wind farm design. The method has been developed at Fraunhofer IWES.


State-of-the-art generic 7.5 MW onshore wind turbine released

The IWES Wind Turbine IWT-7.5-164  was designed within the Smart Blades project and is now available for public download. This turbine model has a specific design  focus on rotor blades and tower structure.

The implementation of several controller features - such as peak-shaver and individual pitch control - was an important aspect of the design. The  specification includes technical data to implement the numerical  turbine model in a simulation environment  and serves as a baseline for detailed component design and scientific research.

Latest Publications


1/2016: The bearing necessities. Interview with Prof. Jan Wenske


3/2016: Advances in Rotor Blade Design   Download


Adwen tests AD 8-180 drivetrain at Fraunhofer IWES test bench

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Industry interviews

Nacelle testing - trends and specifics
Martin Pilas, Manager DyNaLab & Steffen Sørensen, Technical Advisor Fraunhofer IWES
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US Offshore wind - ready to kickoff

Prof. Dan Kuchma, Tufts University, Boston, MA & Prof. Andreas Reuter, IWES
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Portrait "Focus on Validation"


Research Alliance Wind Energy Newsletter 09/2016


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Processes across different sites conform to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standards in the areas of „product development up to the prototype stage“, technology development and optimization“, „technology assessments and studies" and “trials in demonstration centres"

Accredited due to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005

The following services fullfil the requirements of Dakks/ILAC

- mechanical and thermal tests for determining the physical properties of glass fiber and composite materials
- mechanical load measurements of wind turbines

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